Ji-Huan He from National Engineering Laboratory for Modern Silk, College of Textile and Engineering, Soochow University is an expert in the field of self citation.
He was a Rising Star in sciencewatch.com
He is also well known for boosting International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation. In 2008 IJNSNS had an impact factor of 8.91 in ISI’s Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Current impact factor in 2011 is 1.484.

Example of Ji Huan He’s work highlight his claim to fame

– He, J.-H. The smaller, the better: From the spider-spinning to bubble-electrospinning. Acta Physica Polonica A. Volume 121, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 254-256
This paper has 15 self citation from the cited 23 references

– He, J.-H.Frontier of modern textile engineering and short remarks on some topics in physics. International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation. Volume 11, Issue 7, July 2010, Pages 555-563
9 self citations out of 11 references.

Even better, he likes to cite his fried:
He, J.-H. On the number of elementary particles in a resolution dependent fractal spacetime Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. Volume 32, Issue 5, June 2007, Pages 1645-1648.
He cited El Naschie 15 times, and twice his own work out of 19 references.

He, J.-H. String theory in a scale dependent discontinuous space-time. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Volume 36, Issue 3, May 2008, Pages 542-545
He cited El Naschie 13 times, and 7 cimes of his own, out of 23 references.

You can find out more about He from here